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Hello Parents!

You have arrived at the ever-increasing listing of resources, practical materials, and products for helping children & youth make better behavior choices. Here, the principles of positive behavior change are translated into everyday language, allowing parents like you and me to better guide our kids.

Take a look around. You're sure to find something of great use here.

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This reviews are in, and they're top level! Dr. Mac's entertaining and informative multi-part video podcast provides you with specific what-to-do and how-to-do-it guidance for promoting appropriate behavior at home and in the community. mu

Positive Parenting Podcast Series Click on the image for more information.

A few of the accolades:

" I will be highly recommending my family, friends and work colleagues (other Foster Carers) to get plugged in to this invaluable resource." Susan C. (Scotland)

Your video podcasts are extremely helpful. They are clear and informative. Thanks so much! Edie (USA)

Dr. Mac's Positive Parenting Practices video podcast is a valuable tool for my husband and me to refer to and remind ourselves that we need to model how we want our children (5 and 4) to act. Yelling and threats have not completely disappeared, but we continue to try these new ways to reward good behavior, and use time outs not as "punishments", but instead as a chance to reflect on poor choices and what could have been done differently. Dr. Mac uses a lot of humorous scenarios mixed with scholarly aspects as well. It's a "must view" for parents who are concerned about spoiling their children or using ineffective disciplinary techniques that may scar them later on. Thanks Dr. Mac!! Julie & Rober V. (USA)

I almost fell over sideways at some of your humorous comments and examples. Thanks for making learning so fun. Kelvin P. (Canada)

I love how you brought applied psychology and child development out of the college classroom and into my home. I'm making connections that I hadn't made before. Cynthia P. (USA)

My children are responding especially well to the phrasing you suggested. So is my husband! Now if I can convince him to use it (and the modified form of timeout), we'll all be wearing bigger smiles. Mildred (Australia)


Part 2 (Talking to our kids) & Part 3 (Parenting the child with ADHD) coming soon!

Resources for Parents Regarding Home-Based Behavior

1. Quick tips for helping your child(ren) make better behavior choices

2. Readings for parents of children who have emotional, psychological, &/or behavioral challenges & disabilities

3. An in-depth review of the research on the effects of using spanking as a discipline procedure

a. Spanking doesn't stop behavior problems, it creates them

b. Cultural differences and spanking

c. Spanking my children makes them dumb?!

d. Summary of research findings on spanking: It WILL make your kid less intelligent & more aggressive.

e. Dr. Mac's view on spanking


4. ABA for Parents of Children with Autism (a video produced by one of Dr. Mac's graduate students)

5. "Empowering Parents" is a massive FREE library of over 200 short, what-to-do-when articles for parents of children & youth with behavioral challenges. Defiance, disrespect, explosive rage, depression, laziness, lying, anxiety, lying, school problems, & other behaviors are addressed. .A vast collection of effective parenting strategies is just click away (on the image below) .

Child Behavior Help

6. Research tells us: The Best Parenting Style for Special Needs Youngsters



Total TransformationParent Group Award

More information on this fine video program


The "Total Focus" program is a multi-media package that demonstrates effective, real-life ways to guide ADHD kids in the home environment.



(pre)TEENAGERS: Dr. Mac's Home-School Behavior Management Plan for rebuilding parent-child respect & cooperation

The ONLY book FOR kids who struggle to make good behavior choices.

Filled with activities that help them help themselves to better behavior and positive personal character.

Guide errant youngsters back onto life's positive track with Dr. Mac's Survival Guide for Kids with Behavior Challenges!




Tap Dr. Mac's vast knowledge base regarding parenting and positive behavior change in children and youth.

His skills and supportive demeanor provide informed guidance in developing a positive and effective parenting style.

Reduce conflict, gain compliance, and build inner control of behavior in your child.

Dr. Mac is there with you and for you on the other side of your computer screen.

Click for more information



Become the positive & effective guide that you desire to be... and your child deserves.

Technology brings you and Dr. Mac face-to-face, as he supports your efforts to raise "a good kid".





Adjust your computer's camera and activate the video conferencing program.

Dr. Mac is now a "fly on the wall.

He'll compliment what you've done well

& provide specific suggestions (in real time or later)

for creating a positive and productive parent-child relationship.




What's on this week's agenda?...

A Q&A session on how to prevent & handle children's misbehavior?

A presentation & activities on being a positively assertive parent?

Suggestions on how to give effective directions, praise & criticism?

Share an evening with Dr. Mac!




You're invited to listen to excerpts from a CD composed, played & sung by a mother and teacher of kids on the Autistic spectrum.

Niki's catchy tunes and sing-along words help youngsters with ASD to manage their emotions and make good behavior choices when facing stressful situations.

We know music as an effective approach for teaching social skills and emotional management to children. This CD is designed specifically for children & youth with Autism (all levels).

You can listen to excerpts from each and every one of Niki's 27 songs at: www.nikischomasmusic.com

When you realize the beneficial power of these these wonderful tunes, return to this page click on the CD cover image (below) to purchase.


From the U.S.? Click on this CD cover ................Outside the States? Click on this CD cover


Dr. Mac's Writings & Interviews on helping kids make better behavior choices

1. Dr. Mac takes on "Tiger Mom" and "Super Nanny"

2. Dr. Mac talks about toddlers

3. Oh Behave: Instilling thoughtful obedience in our children (Note: The first quote attributed to me is a garbled mess of what I really said, which was something like: "I don't want my child blindly obeying directions given by an adult." The second quote follows up on that one.)

4. DEFIANCE! Understanding and addressing oppositional behavior in the home

5. Ten Tips for Handling Defiance

6. Should we make kids apologize?

7. Tattling

8. Using Time-Out Effectively

9. LD: Learning Disabilities (Kids with average & above intelligence and great difficulty in reading & writing)

a. Behaviors Linked with LD: Is My Child's Behavior the Sign of a Learning Disability?

b. Behaviors Linked with LD: Steering Your Child's Behavior in a Positive Direction

c. Behaviors Linked with LD: How a Functional Assessment Can Help

d. School Success: So Much More than ABC's and 123's

e. The Social/Emotional Side of Learning Disabilities


Children learn through play.

For our children with ADD, ADHD, Autism & LD, the play must be more structured in order for them to gain self-control over emotions and behaviors.

Guide their learning with structured and supportive toys and materials.

Click on the images to view items that help our kids improve their impulse control, concentration, & social skills.



Is misbehavior heightened by certain substances in the food served to your child with ADHD or Autism?

Read about nutritional supplements that benefit youngsters with ADHD or Autism


Really bad seasonal allergies? Post Chemotherapy nausea & weakness?

My nutrition guru specializes in natural supplements that improve these conditions. Supervised by a toxicology physician.

Contact her at cinthea28@hotmail.com

A PARENT's GUIDE to The DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association).

Has your child has been diagnosed by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or mental health professional as having ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ODD, Depression, or other mental health disorder?

If so, you need to know about the the text that was used to make that diagnosis...

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

DSM texts

Find out (free) what you need to know by clicking here.

GREAT BOOKS for parents of children and youth with behavioral challenges.

WORKING WITH DR. MAC to help your child make better behavior choices.

Visit the "Intervention Strategies" section of BehaviorAdvisor.com for tips on helping youngsters with emotional & behavioral challenges. While meant for teachers, the ideas can be applied in the home.

Your source for all-natural vitamins

& other health supplements

for you and your children.

Cindy (your nutrition expert) will be please to consult with you about your needs.



You've worked hard again today; helping kids make better behavior choices.

You're worn out, but the mind is still churning.

NOW is the time to make the right choice for YOU.

Enjoy a 10 minute mental massage.

"Taking time for me." is a soothing mind & body escape... one that embarks on a dream journey any time you wish... during break, lunch, the ride home, bedtime, or morning preparation.

During the day, return to the kids re-envigorated.

Later, feel the total relaxation and calm that delivers you to a restful night's sleep.

Click Here for a 2 minute excerpt.



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